• Services

    The services that dWare provides are extremely important and useful to our customers. Good support and qualified training of the staff make the use of dWare’s products easy and seamless, and our customers can feel confident and calm. 

  • Support

    The support of dWare’s products ensures they work and creates the feeling of security and seamless operation in users. dWare provides software support taking into consideration the amendments made from time to time to the legislation.


    The company provides the following services:

    • implementation
    • system assistance at the office or at customer’s premises
    • subscription support
    • training
    • emergency telephone number 24 hours/day, 7 days a week:

    - petrol stations: +359 88 762 9390

  • Training

    dWare’s training centre is located inside the company’s office at 11, Panayot Volov Street in Sofia. There are two training rooms of 12 work places each, as well as two rooms for individual training for up to 4 people each. The training rooms are equipped with modern computers and all the auxiliary equipment required for high quality efficient training.

    Training is provided:

    • At times of customer’s convenience;
    • According to standard plans or custom plans taking into consideration the specific activities of the customer and the trainees’ qualification levels;
    • By highly qualified trainers;
    • In accordance to approved methods and in uniform style;
    • Trainees who pass the examinations at the end of the training receive certificates for work using dWare's systems on which they were trained.
  • Konto on-line support