dWare OS

dWare OS

dWare Operating System is a business operating environment developed by dWare.

dOS is the software implementation of an event model to reflect reality.

The model has been entirely conceived and defined within Damian Ivanov and there is no other like it.

It has been entirely implemented by Damian Ivanov.


dWare Operating System is a toolkit for creation of web applications based on Oracle and operating in different browsers.


Using dWare Operating System we model the economic reality. The system provides ways to define events, objects, spaces and managers to animate them: event manager, time manager, batch manager, and print manager.


The model

Business processes inside an organisation can be described using EVENTS.

An EVENT is identified by:

  • a name;
  • an array (list) of non-recurring, randomly arranged attributes

The list may expand/shrink over time.


  • self-describing features;
  • another EVENT

Events interact with each other. An event may have an INLET and an OUTLET. At the inlet and at the outlet, there are manifestations to and from other events.

Functions may be attached to the event as a whole and to each attribute.


The implementation involves LAYERS and CONTROL APPLICATIONS (MANAGERS).

The result is a web-based application operating on SQL DBMS.


The description of an event is presented as three layers:

  • Logical layer
  • Physical layer
  • Presentation layer

The full description of an event is obtained by adding:

  • A general description
  • An inlet
  • An outlet

Each of these layers is about specifying a set of parameters.


Models are animated by a set of managers:

  • Portal
  • Main manager
  • Database manager
  • Event manager