Business Processor provides complete, centralised, real-time control of events inside your organisation!


Business Processor is an integrated information system that covers all of the activities of your organisation: from specific business processes to complete accounting of activities.


The system allows working with numerous subsidiaries. Depending on the organisation’s infrastructure, the system may operate as a desktop or web-based application, and aggregate data from remote subsidiaries using the communication subsystem.


In real business, different processes involve different documents, including proprietary documents with different contents and specific sequence in time.


The Business Processor reflects the specifics of your business and lets you identify:

  • The business processes inside your organisation
  • The documents involved in each business process and their sequence within that process
  • The content and appearance of each document
  • Acts that can be done on a specific document depending on its status
  • The impact of documents on stocks
  • The impact of documents on cash flow
  • Print forms and their content, including in different languages
  • The impact of each document on accounting


The Business Processor is in fact set of tools used to describe your system based on a functional model of the business.




The Business Processor operates in English, Croatian, Macedonian, Russian and other languages.


The Business Processor provides flexible tools to determine users’ access to the system.


The Business Processor provides the possibility to operate using custom menus depending on the function that the specific employee performs.


The Business Processor provides the possibility to work from multiple offices in a single database.


The Business Processor contains standard tools for connectivity with external systems: generating documents from files, loading and accounting documents from files, Business Extractor, etc.