Konto dTrade

Konto dTrade

KONTO dTrade - the tradition is alive!

KONTO, developed by Damian Ivanov 30 years ago, is already selling!

KONTO dTrade is the newest product in the KONTO family. It is registered with the National Revenue Agency as a software for sales management at retail sites , in compliance with Regulation H-18 /link to the regulation/.

Depending on the type of retail site, KONTO dTrade can operate as:

  • KONTO Warehouse
  • KONTO Store
  • KONTO Hotel
  • KONTO Restaurant

The product covers and automates the processes undergoing in your warehouse, store, hotel and restaurant.

KONTO dTrade takes care from A to Z for your business. It registers the income in the accounting ledgers, writes off, sells, calculates, prepares menus, books, accommodates, accounts ...

Multifunctional and registered with the National Revenue Agency, KONTO dTrade is the solution for your business!